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Let us share how we have designed our event video experience specifically for the Mississippi Delta

School & Church Events

    In most cases we can video and produce you church and school plays for free. We will offer video DVD copies to patrons of the event at an established price. We have very reasonable event order minimums that allow us to fit even smallest events into our budget. We also can provide live stream or multimedia services alongside regular event productions.


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Multimedia & Live Streaming

     Our live streaming packages are paid for by event advertisers. We can switch between 5 video angles and add graphic text overlays in real-time. For sports we can include real-time scoreboards and clock inside the video stream. We also do our local Sunflower County Board meetings at no cost to the county. Make your next Mississippi Delta  event unique and memorable with our amazing video technology


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For Sunflower County Mississippi, We have launched our new live video streaming site for our local events. All of the Mississippi Delta can now be connected with the events that take place in Sunflower County Mississippi. We have begun to reach out to local businesses in the Mississippi Delta to help us fund our live video feeds for these events. Currently we are covering public meetings, but we plan to add local live school and community events to the lineup. We also want to work with local Organizations to arrange and stream political debates during election season We want our Mississippi Delta Community to become more knowledgeable about what takes place in Sunflower County. Checkout How easy it is for the Mississippi Delta to watch it live.

Ways you watch our Live events for free

On our new site SunflowerCountyLive.com


On your iPhone with the livestream app

-Just search for Rapidplay Productions LLC. and Follow


On Tv with a roku device

-Livestream has an app for the roku device. Learn More



How does Advertising with us Benefit You?

Through Facebook page tagging to video link

    -Each time Our video goes live we will notify our Facebook followers on our personal account. This Allows users who follow you connect to our community events while giving you recognition for supporting our Delta community.

Through Video Ad Placement

    -We have the capability of including your video or radio ads in our live stream during breaks or executives sessions.

Livestream.com Web links

    -We embed your website link directly into all of our video live streams.

SunflowerCountyLive.com picture ads

    -We include your logo and built in web link to sunflowercountylive.com website.

This images redirects to our livestream video follow page. includes many video from all over the mississippi delta.


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